Healing Services + Pricing

Healing services are customized to each of our clients needs and includes a free energy assessment prior.

Currently, all sessions are conducted virtually over Zoom.

Distance Reiki will be shared within each session to further integrate the healing process in the mind and and clear any residual energy left in the chakras after each session.

*Sliding Scale + Flexibility Pricing Available Inquire When Booking*


*Healing Packages Available: 3 Sessions for $365*

Energy Reading + Create Your Future Session | 1 Hr | $150

This reading is not about future-telling. It’s about future-creating. In this session, we will first dive deep into your current energy state with Tarot to recognize the conscious or unconscious manifestations that are showing up in your present reality. We will then go into how to effectively reprogram your subconscious mind and regain control of your reality to bring you everything you deserve to receive in this life from your relationships, career, self-concept and so on. Identify the old stories that do not belong in your world and break the cycles that are coming up to be released in order for you to step into your highest Being.

Past Life Regression Session | 35-40 Min | $125

This healing service is instrumental in helping you figure out what’s happened in the past that is still having a hold on your future. There’s so much residual energy living within us that can only be fully healed once we find the source. From relationships to habitual patterns, this transformational session allows you to gain the answers you’ve been seeking but haven’t been able to find. During this session, I serve as a guide through the Akashic Records as you uncover and witness yourself as a past self, and receive what it is you need to heal from that timeline.

Subconscious Mind Clearance Session | 1 Hr | $125 **NEW**

This session is for those looking to release internal emotional/mental blockages or belief systems within their subconscious through Reiki + transcendental meditation. During the session, we will dive deep into the subconscious behaviors and/or spiritual blocks that you are facing within your reality every day and clear any residual energy surrounding it. We will also create personal affirmations to target these areas of focus and daily rituals to help you continue to return to your natural flow state consistently, and release all patterns/beliefs surrounding the blockage(s) for good. Can be specifically tailored for all areas of self including self concept, money, relationships, rejection, abandonment etc.

Post-Breakup Heart Healing + Energy Clearing Session | 1 Hr | $100 **NEW**

Going through the motions after a recent break-up or past heartbreak? This one is for you. Clear the energy surrounding the situation from your heart space to keep your heart open to receiving the love that you are with Reiki healing. Clear the mental/emotional patterns from your previous relationship so that you can move forward with clarity, truth, and find your own closure from within. During this session we will unpack what has caused any imbalances within your relationships whether past or present and create a new story of love for you to live in and receive from everyone you meet.

Alchemy Is Your Birthright Session | 45 Min | $85

Just as Jesus turned water to wine, we all have the ability to alchemize our energy and shift internally from the state we are currently in, to a higher state of living + being externally. Every energy we receive and every experience we travel through is an opportunity for transformation and elevation. During this session, we will dive into the ways in which you can shift and alter your current reality state and transmute any pain, trauma, or imbalance you are currently experiencing into love, magic, and harmony through awareness + acceptance.

Inner Child Healing Session | 45 Min | $85

Connect with your inner child to refill them with love and healing through this guided meditation and Reiki session. Re-parenting our inner child and giving ourselves what we didn’t receive at those pivotal parts of our development is essential in our healing journey. Tune in to that younger part of you that is still needing more attention and space to be held in order to mend what was broken, and no longer re-create or carry these experiences in your life.

Sacral Chakra Healing Session | 1 Hr | $85

This healing session is for those out of touch with what truly pleases them after years of people-pleasure conditioning, or healing from sexual trauma, anxiety or fear. Clear any sacral chakra imbalances by releasing trapped energy through Reiki and re-align with receiving your highest desires and relationships without any worry, fear, or resistance.

Soul Chakra Reiki + Sound Healing Session | 1 Hr | $150

Clear your chakra imbalances through the power of Reiki combined with Sound Healing. During this session, we will work through emotional and physical blockages still living in your body and restore harmony to your mind and soul. Repair your aura from external energies, release yourself of old attachments, and return to your home state, the love frequency.

Womb Connection + Energy Cleanse | 40 Min | $100 **NEW**

Through Reiki + meditation, this session will re-connect you to your womb space, and heal energetic imbalances or trauma related to pregnancy, labor or loss of life. Refill your womb with words of love and release any trapped emotions or negative attachments. Re-align your feminine energy and return to your natural flow state. Breathe life back into your sacred portal.


Energetic Blueprint + Natal Chart Reading | 1.5-2 Hours | $150

During this session, we will deep dive into the current astrological transits within your natal chart and breakdown how to take charge of all of these energies that could be impacting your life on a grander scale. If you are looking to discover more about yourself, the cosmic energies you’ve been imparted with, and receive insight on your soul mission and purpose in this realm, this one is for you. A recorded transcript will be sent after each session.

Solar Return Astrology Reading | 1.5 HR | $150

Celebrating your birthday soon? Find out what’s in store astrologically for this upcoming year and gain a sense of the key energies that will playing a major role. During this session I will break down your Solar return chart, go into major transits happening within your natal chart, and share a higher perspective of what you can expect to receive.

Saturn Return Astrology Reading | 45 Min | $85

This session is a deep dive into your natal Saturn placement, and how your Saturn Return will effect you individually based on your chart. Receive in depth insights on what areas of focus this transformational transit will bring to your life, and learn how to navigate these changes with empowerment and intention.



Offering free 1:1 calls for those interested in exploring.

Mentorship sectors include (but not limited to):

Fertility Awareness Method (Natural Birth Control) + Reclaiming Ownership of Your Womb

Self-Transformation + Creating A New Story / State of Being

Unlearning Old Patterns + Releasing Subconscious Conditioning Around Self, Relationships, Money, Career etc.

Healing Group + Gifted Services: 

  1. Private Group Natal Chart or Energy Reading Events | Perfect for family, friend or work group readings
  2. Gifted Service Exchanges | Pay Ahead + Gift A Friend
  3. Customized Monthly Healing Packages | Receive a Custom Monthly Healing Rate + Personalized Sessions
  4. *Email heal@sanasjiaclervoix.co for rate/details*

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Thank you for all of your support in keeping my healing practice in service 🤍✨

Thank you for all of your support in keeping my healing practice in service 🤍✨

Thank you for all of your support in keeping my healing practice in service 🤍✨

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Disclaimer + Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given, no-shows will be counted. If you need to re-schedule or cancel our session, please get in touch at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Should I have to cancel our session for any personal reasons, every client will be notified and a full refund will be given.