Happy New Moon in Aquarius 🌚 

With 6 celestial bodies all lighting up in Aquarius, it’s time to create a new template of your choosing + free your soul from any cages you’ve been holding yourself in. 

Where do you feel constricted?

Where do you feel resistance? 

Where are you ready to break free? 

Where have you been broken open in the past year to reveal the real you? 

Where are you ready to propel yourself into a completely new realm of possibilities? 

There is no limit to your existence. 

Lean into this liminal space we are traveling under + use it to harness your highest visions into your infinite reality. 

Set your mark high + allow this in between space to be less about ‘waiting’ for your future to reach you and more about bringing your future into your now. 

If what you seek is love, rise in love now. 

If what you seek is truth, speak your truth now. 

If what you seek is action, light your fire now. 

All that we have is right now. 

Use your now, to be your future. 

Use this star power to find the rewards that come with the risk of solely doing you + no longer playing it safe in any area of your life. 

You came here to be free, so be it. 

You came here to be you, so be you in your highest essence. 

There is no other path you need to follow other than the one that’s already been divinely set out for you. 

Go higher into your self.

Everything you’re looking for is within you. 

Recognize that what you desire is another part of you, seeking you elsewhere in the world. 

Bring all your pieces together, bring all your magic to form. 

It’s always been yours.

 Tune all the way into you + turn the dial all the way up. 

We push off things we love to do for ‘later’ or decide we can only do the things we love ‘when we retire’ or ‘once I make 100k’.

Life isn’t meant to start once you reach your goals. 

Life isn’t meant to start once you find your partner, buy that house, or earn that promotion. 

Life is now. 

Every moment, every breath you take is a gift. 

The only thing guaranteed is that one day we will return to the stars. 

Don’t wait for something to happen to start living. 

Make every day a special occasion by not projecting your happiness as a future destination. 

When you immerse yourself fully into the gift of presence and allow yourself to embody the presence of life within you — those ‘somethings’ will happen naturally by design. 

You won’t need to force life. 

You won’t need to control life.

You will BE life. 

You will BE love. 

You will BE everything you were made to become. 

In your highest essence. 

In your highest divinity. 

In your highest power. 


What does the word mean to you?

How does your vibration feel, when you say it out loud?

Who do you first think of when you hear it?

Do you feel any resistance to identifying with it? Any subtle hints of greed or any other negative undertones?

What about powerful?

Do you find it hard to see yourself as a Being of great power, filled with gold?

Well, this Full Moon is here to say, wherever you haven’t, wherever you’re resisting, wherever you’ve been selling yourself short — it’s time to take your presence + your power back.

It’s time to use your divine energy solely to magnetize your light and create fearlessly from the heart.

Drop the tension. Exhale the worries. Face the fears.

Pull your shoulders back and let your chest be as open as possible today as you invite in the infinite amounts of love, abundance, and bliss that is already surrounding you.

Let it radiate. Permeate. All from within you.

Be a lion.

Fully reveal the power in your prowess.

Recognize that everything you seek is already yours.

Walk into the destiny that’s already been written in the stars.

Walk into what cannot ever be broken or destroyed.

Walk into what’s been waiting to receive you with open arms.

Anything in your mind or world that tells you differently is an illusion.

A shadow that can only survive so long as you hide your light.

Keep dismantling the falsehoods.

Keep untangling yourself from the webs that have bound you from living as anyone other than you.

When you feel yourself holding you back from you — drop back into your heart + return to the limitless Source that you are made up of.

Release all that is not you from you.

Be who you came here to be in your highest essence.

In case you need a little reminder, you have everything you need to create the life you desire within you. ⁣

This New Moon, take your first step into the new timeline you are giving life to. ⁣

You can dip your toe or jump in head first — the only right way to do anything is the way that feels true to you. ⁣

Allow the visions you carry to come alive by being living in your highest expression + putting your faith over your fears. ⁣

Your destiny is always ready to receive you. ⁣

The question is, are you ready to receive your destiny? ⁣

Set the stage. ⁣

Move where you are being led. ⁣

Surrender to the flow of your Shakti. ⁣

When your mind starts to ask you how or why — remember that you don’t need to feed any questions your soul already knows the answer to.

The Grand Awakening continues.
2020 was the pre-show. 

2021 is the world premiere. 

Every shadow, every dark corner, every secret passageway that was illuminated last year, will be coming full circle + setting us free. 

`This month is all about directing our divine energy into creating the freedom we seek; spiritually, emotionally, financially, + physically. 

Find a way to channel all these new activations into a space of infinity. 

Where all can be born, and no idea is too small. 

As you pursue the path of the unknown, lean into the higher part of you that knows all. 

Let your spirit roam without constraints + limitations. 

Release the pressure to make, do, or be anything outside of yourself and just be in your self. 

Your soul self. 

Your spirit self. 

Your divine self.

In all your glory and pure essence. 

You are the wealth you seek. 

Share the wealth that is you, and you will never run dry. 

Bask in everything that you already are. 

Look behind you only to reflect on the lessons + see what Spirit has been showing you all along. 

Let this life teach + guide you forward. 

Fill your belly with air + gratitude. 

You are free to awaken + release yourself from all that binds you at any moment. 

Make the choices that free you this month + open your wings to fly where you are meant to land. 

We welcomed the month of March on Sunday and this weekend we will be ringing it in with the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday. This Moon is going to be our pre-Spring cleaning that allows us to get ourselves together as we prepare to welcome in the new astrological year with Aries season later this month. It’s time to clear out the baggage that’s been weighing us down, and get the wheels turning again.

The first two months of 2020 have been filled with crazy news updates 24/7 with the upcoming election, tragic celebrity deaths, and now a viral outbreak that has been growing the energy of fear within the collective at a very pivotal time in our world.

This energy is represented in the first row of cards: Strength, Knight of Pentacles, and 10 of Swords. It’s important for us to tune into our inner strength, stay focused on the goals we’ve been putting the work in to receive and heal what’s been weighing so heavily on our hearts. We need to put all of our efforts towards overcoming our greatest tragedies and using the lessons we’ve been given to break new ground and make peace with the journey that’s led us to this exact moment in time.

As we move through Pisces season and the end of Mercury Rx on the 10th, we will start cycling out of the emotional and mental parts of our brain and moving into the physical and material as abundance steadily begins to make its way to us.

There may be some opportunities to slip back into self-sabotaging behaviors and this is also the time to fully cut off anyone in your circle that feels sneaky or dishonest in the way they act towards you (7 of Swords). People right now are extremely thirsty for energy sources, so remain vigilant and protective of your energy, and anyone that may be trying to gain too much supply from it.

As the energy begins to pick up later in the month as we welcome in Aries season and have a New Moon in Aries, it will be officially time to phase out of the last year and fully move into our new and highest selves. It’s time to lay to rest anything within yourself that isn’t in accordance of the future that you are currently creating. Spirit really wants us to take a review of what we’ve been allowing into our field, and make the proper adjustments to our environments.

It’s time to find equilibrium between what we have been working for and what we are receiving in return. Through it all, Isis (The High Priestess)is guiding us to tune into what we know to be true, and unite the feminine and masculine energy within and outward. Stay tuned into your inner wisdom and trust in all that’s gotten you this far.

The overall theme of the month seen with the 6 of Pentacles is all about energy exchange. Creating healthy boundaries in how much of your valuable energy you give to others allows you to grow in your own endeavors as you are no longer being run dry when it comes to giving to yourself. What seems selfish to some, is really necessary for protecting your own vibration and putting your needs first. Draw back whenever your supply starts running low, and do more things that motivate you rather than drain you.

This is also the time to really position yourself as a high-vibrational and empowering being that is in service to help other people across the bridge. If you are a new business owner, looking to gain a promotion or new position look out for new opportunities for growth by mentoring or partnering with someone that needs what you have naturally within you to give. The gifts we all have are invaluable to this world. Find the best way for you to use yours, and shift everything in return.

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Happy Aquarius Season!

This week we turn the page in welcoming some air to all of the earth energy we’ve been building in. If it hasn’t felt like the New Year since the month began, things will start to shift as we have Chinese New Year and New Moon in Aquarius both on Friday.

This energy is all about finding our freedom and letting our uniqueness shine through. Aquarius wants us to be bold, be fearless, and get weird!

Take a higher stage presence in your life. Hover above the world around you so that you can better understand which direction you are ready to take. Having a detached approach doesn’t mean you’re cold, it means you it means you can allow things to unfold without attachment to any outcome.

Last week’s energy may still be felt as the Eclipse closed some major doors. Take the time to ground and sit with everything that has happened as a result. There is more to unfold and as we begin this new Moon cycle, we get to focus on our intentions for the year ahead, and let the universe bring us what we are meant to find.

10 of Pentacles – There is a sense of completion in the air as we come full circle on everything we’ve been building and start to receive the abundance we’ve been waiting on. The work you’ve been doing hasn’t gone unnoticed. We have reached a culmination point that allows us to take in all that we’ve done this past year, and see the fruits of our labor. People will look at you differently. They will see the light within and want to be able to find this light within themselves. Hold your head high. You’ve reached a new position in your life. Take it all in so you can see all the gold others are seeing in you.

10 of Cups – More completion, more celebration. We have moved mountains within ourselves, and it shows. It’s time to feel good about the past, and let your emotions radiate with positivity and joy. There is good news in the air. There is a feeling of finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This moment is what you’ve been working all of this time for. Give thanks to the universe for the new heights you are about to reach. It’s here, and it’s all yours.

Temperance – Answer the callings. Whatever knowledge or wisdom you are given this week is for a reason. The universe is showering us with insight on ourselves and the world around us. Spirit wants our cup to be overflowing with abundance. We are being led. So much has been in the background guiding us to this next phase even when we didn’t realize it. Now it’s time to see it for where it’s brought us, and let this energy move to the spaces it is meant to fill. Our angels are surrounding us, take in the light you are receiving.

Knight of Cups – Our emotions about past and current situations in our lives are maturing. We are no longer holding anything against others, and making peace with all that is happened. You may feel ready to forgive someone, or share a peace offering with something that’s been weighing on your heart. Things no longer feel as heavy as they did, as you come to see that the hurt and pain we go through is just to show us something in ourselves that we can now grow from. Use this time for release. Write a letter if you need to get any lingering feels out of your body. It’s no longer of you. It’s time to fully let it go.

3 of Wands – See any heartbreak you’ve endured as an open window into your soul. It may still feel cloudy at times but our greatest power is our strength right now. What this situation gave you was a new fire you can build off. You now know what you deserve, and what you are ready to receive from love. The piercings in your heart have cut you open to reveal truths you were previously blind to. Grow in your self-love. The love you seek is seeking you. The emotions you attach to someone else is still yours to find. Don’t let this stop you from opening up your heart to receive what was always yours.

9 of Cups – Nothing is in your way anymore. The past has prepared you to receive this new beginning. Take pride in all of the battles you’ve won and be humbled by all it’s given you. It’s time to close the curtain and open a new door. Let yourself be purified. All of the things you’ve felt now serve as your own internal compass. You can see things for what they are now. No more projections. Just truth, optimism, and a new you that is readier than ever for what the universe is about to give you.

Overall Energy of the Deck – 9 of Wands – As you begin to act on the fire that’s been building within, make sure you are taking note of the people you have around you right now. Not everyone’s hands are as clean as they appear. Put up the necessary boundaries you need to make sure people aren’t gaining more access to you than they deserve. Not everyone gets to ride with you to the top. Take a look around, and make sure you are surrounded by those that are true to their word. Actions speak louder, so make sure the words they speak are in alignment to the moves they make.

This week we have a powerful lineup of energetic changes all leading up to the fated Saturn and Pluto conjunction happening on January 12th. We will have Uranus in Taurus stationing direct on the same day as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is closing the cycle that started during the Solar Eclipse in Cancer in July 2019. Mercury will also be conjunct the Sun right before we reach the Full Moon sharpening our view of what’s unfolding within us. This Eclipse is about to clear and reveal the path we need to take through 2020 and beyond. The energy of Lunar Eclipses are not always easy, especially for those of us still holding onto what we need to let go of.

Anything that is not in alignment with your higher purpose is about to be washed away. We can no longer bind ourselves to the trauma of the past and keep playing in the circles of old stories. It’s time to release yourself from what began during that timeline completely and come into your full power.

The theme of ‘home’ , our family and emotional lives will be very prevalent. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon we will feel the effects of this watery energy intensely and may need sometime to gather how we feel about what’s coming up for us. We’ve been in the midst of two Eclipses, the last being the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn at the end of December of last year. These two forces will still be present, bringing closure and light to what once was, and what’s ready to be gone for good.

Uranus stationing direct during this time also adds this planet’s energy into the mix that is known for bringing unexpected changes and shakeups to the world and the collective as a whole. As Uranus has been retrograde in Taurus, things involving money matters may have felt a bit slower paced depending on where this transit aspects your chart. Now that it will be direct, this energy will be moving full speed ahead and we will become more innovative in how we approach our material matters and possessions. Be open to this unconventional energy as it may test what you are used to or what feels the most comfortable. Ultimately, there will be a burst of action in what makes us feel secure in this material world, and there could be an opportunity to make some money moves and gain new insight on how you can further claim your abundance.

The upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction is one of the most eventful astrological moments of our lifetime. As Saturn and Pluto will both be in Capricorn at this time along with the Sun and Mercury, we will see things globally start to change in massive ways and feel this on a more subconscious level in our own lives. Saturn’s paternal energy that loves to build structure and discipline will be forcing us to make new systems in our lives that work for us rather than against us. Pluto’s deep transformative energy will be the push we need to leave the cocoon we’ve been living in, and face our deepest shadows.

We will see the effects of this conjunction play out through the end of 2020, and the world will not be the same place as we know it with all of the massive changes that are bound to take place. These changes are not always easy to accept and integrate, but know we are being led to our higher destiny. Systems will fall and the old world we are used to is going to begin to shift right in front of our eyes. Get grounded and practical about the changes you are ready to see unfold in your own life, and let what’s been going on under the surface show you what new directions you are ready to take on.

7 of Swords – As this Full Moon in Cancer closes a major chapter within us, be on the lookout for some final tests and slip ups from people in our past that have used and abused us for their own benefit, and see the real truth behind what kind of games they have been playing all along. If this is a truth you’ve recently began to understand about the people around you, they may try and use this truth against you and there may be another round of deception when they can sense that you see the beyond their mask. Don’t fall for any trickery. Follow what you’ve felt all along, and stand firm in what you believe.

The High Priestess – We are receiving higher wisdom and truths this week. The Divine Feminine energy will be felt within us all, so it’s important to be in receiving mode and letting things flow rather than forcing things to be. There will be revelations of all kinds that brings us the clarity and confirmation we’ve been seeking. Listen to your heart. Tune into the feminine energy within. Let it guide you to what you are meant to find and trust in your all seeing abilities. The goddess within is calling us higher, follow this path and see where it leads you.

10 of Wands (In Reverse) – It’s time to stop forcing. It’s time to stop fighting so hard and beating a dead horse. Allow things to be the way they already are. If you have been fighting a battle that you haven’t been able to win, this may not be your battle to fight to begin with. This may not be a path you are meant to embark on and the universe is trying to show you its time switch gears. It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Don’t go for things that do not feel in flow with your higher purpose. Opportunities can open up elsewhere, once you shift your fire in the right direction. Let go of your control and tight grip on how you think things are supposed to be.

The Fool (In Reverse) – All signs keep pointing to releasing our need to know what’s next and to allow things to unravel by the divine timing of Spirit’s higher plan for us. We are not supposed to know right now. If we knew where we were headed all the time, our egos would fight to get in the way. If you feel blind to what this next year is about to bring, thats okay. Get comfortable in the unknown spaces we are traveling in. Uranus stationing direct is about to bring even more unpredictability and unexpected changes but they are all happening for the highest good of the collective. Don’t resist. Let it be. Keep your trust strong. Things are shifting even when we can’t see it. The unseen is where the magic happens.

The Star (In Reverse) – More knowledge and higher truths. Spirit is overflowing us with information and it’s always as above, so below. What’s happening in the sky, is making its way to us on Earth. The way the planets are set up right now is no accident. Astrologers have been planning on this moment in time for years and your soul led you to witness this fated Saturn Pluto conjunction for reasons beyond what you know right now. The seeds we are planting for this next decade are being watered by Spirit’s ultimate plan for us. Meditate daily and see what insights come through as we are being given everything we need to know, at the exact time we need to hear it.

9 of Cups (In Reverse) – Emotional security will be a major theme this week as well. This entire Eclipse series in the Capricorn/Cancer axis has been allowing us to rebuild our foundations and reconfigure our emotional and physical idea of “home”. Think of the lessons you’ve mastered at this time as trophies on your shelf. You will need to use what you’ve learned to keep you in alignment. It’s been challenging to shed and process everything that’s fallen away. So much of what we thought we knew is gone. But right now it’s time to see what you’ve been able to gain in this process. See it all for what it has given you and be ready to be rewarded for all the work you’ve put in to get to this point.

The Magician (Overall Energy of the Deck) – This week is all about putting the pieces of the puzzle together to see the bigger picture behind everything that has happened in the last 7 months. We’ve been shown different parts of ourselves to better understand the power we hold and everything we are meant to do in this lifetime. We will soon be able to focus all of this energy on our creation. Every test, trigger, and struggle will shift into an opportunity. We needed to gather these pieces of ourselves that were dormant within us to know the full extent to everything we are. This is where it all begins. Get ready to see yourself fully transform into the magician you are.

This week we are closing out energy cycles with the end of the year fast approaching. This is the last full week in Sagittarius season, as the Sun moves in Capricorn on the Winter Solstice December 21st. The solstice represents the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day and shortest night in the Southern Hemisphere. This time gives us the opportunity to go within, retreat and reflect over all that’s happened since the Summer solstice in June. It’s a time to find light in our darkness and to become more comfortable in our shadows. The dark periods are ultimately what allow us to rise above better with more clarity and confidence in who we are.

Venus will be moving into Aquarius on the 20th, bringing freedom and spontaneity to how we approach love, money, and our values. With this transit, we are able to take a more detached approach to how we view these parts of our lives, allowing us to be more open to how it comes and goes. We will be able to see things differently, and view the people we’re relating with at a wider lens. It’s time for us to see the bigger picture, and not be so forceful in how things turn out. Celebrate what makes you and the people you love unique, and be open to companions that are different than the norm.

Page of Swords – New truths and revelations are coming through as we cycle through the old timelines that are collapsing at this time. Sit on these truths so that you can decide how to best act on them and serve yourself in the process. Rise above any energy wanting to keep you stuck or replaying old patterns of thinking. Clear the air within yourself and those around you so that you can make room for new energy to move through you.

Judgement – Answer your higher callings. See the actions of those around you for what they are, and decide what energy you want to keep around as you ascend on your journey. It’s time to leave the old you behind, and with this level up comes sacrifice. You cannot be delivered to the truth behind the curtain, if you are distracted the masks of other people. Like the Wizard of Oz, don’t get so focused on what you want things to be, that you forget to see things for what they are. No one can save you, but you.

The Fool (In Reverse) – Are you allowing yourself to be led down a path of destruction? Are you honoring the desire of your ego or of your soul? Spirit wants us to have the freedom we seek, but to know ourselves and what we truly need in order to get there first. We still need discipline to make things happen. We still need to sit with our choices before we make them. As you wander in the new paths you are ready to travel on, be clear of your intention and your direction. Think before you act out of haste or out of the influence of other people.

Ace of Cups (In Reverse) – Emotional release is important. Anything you’ve been holding in, needs a place to go so that it doesn’t end up manifesting into your physical reality. Empty your cup so you can refill what you need. Any guilt, shame, and sadness around the past has to be confronted and let go of in a proper way. Whether it’s writing a letter to a past partner or friend, or recording a video or audio of you releasing your thoughts out loud, do what helps you heal these emotions. If it still stings, it’s still needs to be dealt with. Whatever still has a hold on you, must be forgiven.

3 of Pentacles – Gain the support you want, and be the support you need. Right now as we activate new parts of ourselves, we may need some help clearing the old. Seek out the guidance and energetic clearance you need. Ask for the help you need. Don’t hold it all in for the sake of doing it by yourself. Spirit may be leading you to healers or energy workers that can help you come to the other side with more fullness and understanding than if you did it alone. Let someone help you drop the burdens you’ve been carrying, and help you across the bridge faster.

The High Priestess (In Reverse) – The goddess and feminine energy wants you to recognize her within yourself. You’ve been pushing away the flow and ease of things working out naturally by trying to force and act upon things the way the masculine usually does. Find the balance between the two. Don’t place more emphasis on one rather than the other. Open yourself up to receive as much as you give, and don’t resist what is trying to come through to you.

4 of Pentacles (Overall Energy of the Deck) – Capricorn season is going to allow us to build our dreams and become the leader of our own life. But first, we have to work through the layers of emotions and go through the pressure required to build diamonds. We have to go deep into our subconscious and take what’s been holding us back to allow it to be the backbone to what we use to hold us up. Every lesson has a reason. Find the reason so that these lessons don’t hold anymore power over you and let it be your driving force for 2020 and beyond.

This week we have a series of events allowing us to close out the end of this year, and breathe in new life as we come into 2020. Within this week we have the Full Moon in Gemini, 12/12 and Chiron stationing direct one after another. This energy is going to allow us to completely cleanse and come into view with why we went through what we went through this year. We are going to be able to manifest with the clarity we need as we begin to understand our wounds and letting go of all of our past pain. The universe wants us to put down the heavy load. We don’t have to move forward with it any longer. It’s time to be free from what once held us down. As we get closer to the last Eclipse of the year, any shakeups we experience are intentional. Spirit is realigning the parts of our lives that still need adjustment. Don’t hold on too tightly to anything but knowing that as we finish out this year, everything is happening for our highest & best.

The Devil (In Reverse) – This week we are breaking our chains of temptation. As we close out this year notice the themes circulating the tests you are being faced with. The universe wants us to leave our old patterns and destructive ways behind, but in order to do so we have to be willing to stand up in the face of everything that has torn us down in the past. Even if it feels good in the moment, appears to be shiny or has familiar energy to it, it does not mean this is what you need. It is often the opposite. We have to differentiate our wants from our needs. We have to break ourselves free from the people we were and the energy that wants to keep us stuck in the past. Think before you repeat a cycle you have already broken. Release yourself from what causes you pain and suffering.

6 of Cups – The energy of this week wants to help us discover the real truth behind our emotions. We are getting a helping hand in really understanding who we are, and how we can better navigate the world around us based on our feelings. You may receive or give valuable advice in ways that are unexpected. Someone may guide you to something that allows you to put the pieces within yourself together. Be open to receive help from the universe in whichever way it comes. Our guides are always present with us, listen to every nudge.

The Moon – With the last Full Moon of the year closing out a decade’s worth of energy this week, we are going to need to release our grip and allow what’s not meant to be to fall away with no resistance. This is our time to tune in. Retreat inwards in silence long enough to hear what Spirit wants to tell you. Look to the moon whenever you are doubting yourself. Answers to the questions you’ve been asking are coming, but not before you cleanse and purify yourself from everything that cannot move forward with you on this journey.

King of Swords – Our biggest transformation lies within our truth right now. Expressing your truth is of the utmost importance. Reveal yourself to the world around you. Don’t hold back on what you know to be true. Sit on your throne and get comfortable there. We have been peeling back the layers of ourselves all year long. It’s time to come out the shadows and make your voice heard. Have the conversations you’ve been sitting on. Stop giving people access to you that are not in alignment with your truth. Drop the mask. It’s time to show the world who you really are.

5 of Cups – The old you is dead and gone so don’t go looking for that person anymore. It’s time to let go of who you’ve been and embrace who you are becoming. Take any grief and sadness from what’s being pushed away, and put your energy into what’s still standing. You have so much to be proud of. What you’ve gone through hasn’t been easy, but you cannot allow the darkness of it to overshadow the light that wants to come through. Write a list of the things that are no longer of you, and watch it burn under this Full Moon.

5 of Swords – Keep your eyes open to what people may be trying to take from you. It doesn’t have to be material, it can be your energy or your gifts that someone doesn’t want you to have full access to. Make sure you have real ones in your circle that are actually rooting for your success. It feels like the energy of someone projecting themselves to be in your corner, but in actuality they are planning your demise. This kind of sneak attack can damage everything you’ve fought so hard for. See people for who they are, not who you wish they were, and let go of the ones you need to watch out for.

King of Cups (Overall Energy of the Deck) – It’s time to own what you’ve been through. It’s time to look to the future with optimism that every hard lesson is going to serve you, and every single thing this year has happened for a reason. There may be a lot of emotions moving through you at this time, but don’t allow them to get the best of you. Use this week to purge, and cleanse your waters. Find the strength within. You are about to reach new levels, but first, you’ve got to drop the armor and let it all come full circle.