As a soul worker + energy healer, my sacred mission is to restore my clients back home to their divinity by reclaiming full sovereignty of our destiny.

We all have the power to heal ourselves from the inside + out and by tuning into our ancestral wisdom and divine gifts we all bear naturally, following the path of our soul becomes instinctual.

Everything you seek can be found inside yourself. Once I began to choose my healing + myself first, my entire world shifted.

The lives of everyone around me shifted.

And now, I am blissed to hold space for the collective as we embark on the greatest transformational shift of our lifetime.

With all of my services, I’m here to merely hold space as a mirror into your own soul.

To empower you to keep rising in your love, your truth, and the magic that only you can give.

Wrapping you all in love and infinite gratitude for your love and support.


Sanasjia Clervoix


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