New Moon in Aquarius 🌚

Happy New Moon in Aquarius 🌚 

With 6 celestial bodies all lighting up in Aquarius, it’s time to create a new template of your choosing + free your soul from any cages you’ve been holding yourself in. 

Where do you feel constricted?

Where do you feel resistance? 

Where are you ready to break free? 

Where have you been broken open in the past year to reveal the real you? 

Where are you ready to propel yourself into a completely new realm of possibilities? 

There is no limit to your existence. 

Lean into this liminal space we are traveling under + use it to harness your highest visions into your infinite reality. 

Set your mark high + allow this in between space to be less about ‘waiting’ for your future to reach you and more about bringing your future into your now. 

If what you seek is love, rise in love now. 

If what you seek is truth, speak your truth now. 

If what you seek is action, light your fire now. 

All that we have is right now. 

Use your now, to be your future. 

Use this star power to find the rewards that come with the risk of solely doing you + no longer playing it safe in any area of your life. 

You came here to be free, so be it. 

You came here to be you, so be you in your highest essence. 

There is no other path you need to follow other than the one that’s already been divinely set out for you. 

Go higher into your self.

Everything you’re looking for is within you. 

Recognize that what you desire is another part of you, seeking you elsewhere in the world. 

Bring all your pieces together, bring all your magic to form. 

It’s always been yours.

 Tune all the way into you + turn the dial all the way up. 

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