Every breath is a special occasion.

We push off things we love to do for ‘later’ or decide we can only do the things we love ‘when we retire’ or ‘once I make 100k’.

Life isn’t meant to start once you reach your goals. 

Life isn’t meant to start once you find your partner, buy that house, or earn that promotion. 

Life is now. 

Every moment, every breath you take is a gift. 

The only thing guaranteed is that one day we will return to the stars. 

Don’t wait for something to happen to start living. 

Make every day a special occasion by not projecting your happiness as a future destination. 

When you immerse yourself fully into the gift of presence and allow yourself to embody the presence of life within you — those ‘somethings’ will happen naturally by design. 

You won’t need to force life. 

You won’t need to control life.

You will BE life. 

You will BE love. 

You will BE everything you were made to become. 

In your highest essence. 

In your highest divinity. 

In your highest power. 

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