Happy Full Moon in Leo 🌞


What does the word mean to you?

How does your vibration feel, when you say it out loud?

Who do you first think of when you hear it?

Do you feel any resistance to identifying with it? Any subtle hints of greed or any other negative undertones?

What about powerful?

Do you find it hard to see yourself as a Being of great power, filled with gold?

Well, this Full Moon is here to say, wherever you haven’t, wherever you’re resisting, wherever you’ve been selling yourself short — it’s time to take your presence + your power back.

It’s time to use your divine energy solely to magnetize your light and create fearlessly from the heart.

Drop the tension. Exhale the worries. Face the fears.

Pull your shoulders back and let your chest be as open as possible today as you invite in the infinite amounts of love, abundance, and bliss that is already surrounding you.

Let it radiate. Permeate. All from within you.

Be a lion.

Fully reveal the power in your prowess.

Recognize that everything you seek is already yours.

Walk into the destiny that’s already been written in the stars.

Walk into what cannot ever be broken or destroyed.

Walk into what’s been waiting to receive you with open arms.

Anything in your mind or world that tells you differently is an illusion.

A shadow that can only survive so long as you hide your light.

Keep dismantling the falsehoods.

Keep untangling yourself from the webs that have bound you from living as anyone other than you.

When you feel yourself holding you back from you — drop back into your heart + return to the limitless Source that you are made up of.

Release all that is not you from you.

Be who you came here to be in your highest essence.

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