New Moon in Capricorn

In case you need a little reminder, you have everything you need to create the life you desire within you. ⁣

This New Moon, take your first step into the new timeline you are giving life to. ⁣

You can dip your toe or jump in head first — the only right way to do anything is the way that feels true to you. ⁣

Allow the visions you carry to come alive by being living in your highest expression + putting your faith over your fears. ⁣

Your destiny is always ready to receive you. ⁣

The question is, are you ready to receive your destiny? ⁣

Set the stage. ⁣

Move where you are being led. ⁣

Surrender to the flow of your Shakti. ⁣

When your mind starts to ask you how or why — remember that you don’t need to feed any questions your soul already knows the answer to.

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