January 2021 Energy

The Grand Awakening continues.
2020 was the pre-show. 

2021 is the world premiere. 

Every shadow, every dark corner, every secret passageway that was illuminated last year, will be coming full circle + setting us free. 

`This month is all about directing our divine energy into creating the freedom we seek; spiritually, emotionally, financially, + physically. 

Find a way to channel all these new activations into a space of infinity. 

Where all can be born, and no idea is too small. 

As you pursue the path of the unknown, lean into the higher part of you that knows all. 

Let your spirit roam without constraints + limitations. 

Release the pressure to make, do, or be anything outside of yourself and just be in your self. 

Your soul self. 

Your spirit self. 

Your divine self.

In all your glory and pure essence. 

You are the wealth you seek. 

Share the wealth that is you, and you will never run dry. 

Bask in everything that you already are. 

Look behind you only to reflect on the lessons + see what Spirit has been showing you all along. 

Let this life teach + guide you forward. 

Fill your belly with air + gratitude. 

You are free to awaken + release yourself from all that binds you at any moment. 

Make the choices that free you this month + open your wings to fly where you are meant to land. 

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