March 2020 Energy Report

We welcomed the month of March on Sunday and this weekend we will be ringing it in with the Full Moon in Virgo on Monday. This Moon is going to be our pre-Spring cleaning that allows us to get ourselves together as we prepare to welcome in the new astrological year with Aries season later this month. It’s time to clear out the baggage that’s been weighing us down, and get the wheels turning again.

The first two months of 2020 have been filled with crazy news updates 24/7 with the upcoming election, tragic celebrity deaths, and now a viral outbreak that has been growing the energy of fear within the collective at a very pivotal time in our world.

This energy is represented in the first row of cards: Strength, Knight of Pentacles, and 10 of Swords. It’s important for us to tune into our inner strength, stay focused on the goals we’ve been putting the work in to receive and heal what’s been weighing so heavily on our hearts. We need to put all of our efforts towards overcoming our greatest tragedies and using the lessons we’ve been given to break new ground and make peace with the journey that’s led us to this exact moment in time.

As we move through Pisces season and the end of Mercury Rx on the 10th, we will start cycling out of the emotional and mental parts of our brain and moving into the physical and material as abundance steadily begins to make its way to us.

There may be some opportunities to slip back into self-sabotaging behaviors and this is also the time to fully cut off anyone in your circle that feels sneaky or dishonest in the way they act towards you (7 of Swords). People right now are extremely thirsty for energy sources, so remain vigilant and protective of your energy, and anyone that may be trying to gain too much supply from it.

As the energy begins to pick up later in the month as we welcome in Aries season and have a New Moon in Aries, it will be officially time to phase out of the last year and fully move into our new and highest selves. It’s time to lay to rest anything within yourself that isn’t in accordance of the future that you are currently creating. Spirit really wants us to take a review of what we’ve been allowing into our field, and make the proper adjustments to our environments.

It’s time to find equilibrium between what we have been working for and what we are receiving in return. Through it all, Isis (The High Priestess)is guiding us to tune into what we know to be true, and unite the feminine and masculine energy within and outward. Stay tuned into your inner wisdom and trust in all that’s gotten you this far.

The overall theme of the month seen with the 6 of Pentacles is all about energy exchange. Creating healthy boundaries in how much of your valuable energy you give to others allows you to grow in your own endeavors as you are no longer being run dry when it comes to giving to yourself. What seems selfish to some, is really necessary for protecting your own vibration and putting your needs first. Draw back whenever your supply starts running low, and do more things that motivate you rather than drain you.

This is also the time to really position yourself as a high-vibrational and empowering being that is in service to help other people across the bridge. If you are a new business owner, looking to gain a promotion or new position look out for new opportunities for growth by mentoring or partnering with someone that needs what you have naturally within you to give. The gifts we all have are invaluable to this world. Find the best way for you to use yours, and shift everything in return.

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