Energy Report – Week of 1/19

Happy Aquarius Season!

This week we turn the page in welcoming some air to all of the earth energy we’ve been building in. If it hasn’t felt like the New Year since the month began, things will start to shift as we have Chinese New Year and New Moon in Aquarius both on Friday.

This energy is all about finding our freedom and letting our uniqueness shine through. Aquarius wants us to be bold, be fearless, and get weird!

Take a higher stage presence in your life. Hover above the world around you so that you can better understand which direction you are ready to take. Having a detached approach doesn’t mean you’re cold, it means you it means you can allow things to unfold without attachment to any outcome.

Last week’s energy may still be felt as the Eclipse closed some major doors. Take the time to ground and sit with everything that has happened as a result. There is more to unfold and as we begin this new Moon cycle, we get to focus on our intentions for the year ahead, and let the universe bring us what we are meant to find.

10 of Pentacles – There is a sense of completion in the air as we come full circle on everything we’ve been building and start to receive the abundance we’ve been waiting on. The work you’ve been doing hasn’t gone unnoticed. We have reached a culmination point that allows us to take in all that we’ve done this past year, and see the fruits of our labor. People will look at you differently. They will see the light within and want to be able to find this light within themselves. Hold your head high. You’ve reached a new position in your life. Take it all in so you can see all the gold others are seeing in you.

10 of Cups – More completion, more celebration. We have moved mountains within ourselves, and it shows. It’s time to feel good about the past, and let your emotions radiate with positivity and joy. There is good news in the air. There is a feeling of finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This moment is what you’ve been working all of this time for. Give thanks to the universe for the new heights you are about to reach. It’s here, and it’s all yours.

Temperance – Answer the callings. Whatever knowledge or wisdom you are given this week is for a reason. The universe is showering us with insight on ourselves and the world around us. Spirit wants our cup to be overflowing with abundance. We are being led. So much has been in the background guiding us to this next phase even when we didn’t realize it. Now it’s time to see it for where it’s brought us, and let this energy move to the spaces it is meant to fill. Our angels are surrounding us, take in the light you are receiving.

Knight of Cups – Our emotions about past and current situations in our lives are maturing. We are no longer holding anything against others, and making peace with all that is happened. You may feel ready to forgive someone, or share a peace offering with something that’s been weighing on your heart. Things no longer feel as heavy as they did, as you come to see that the hurt and pain we go through is just to show us something in ourselves that we can now grow from. Use this time for release. Write a letter if you need to get any lingering feels out of your body. It’s no longer of you. It’s time to fully let it go.

3 of Wands – See any heartbreak you’ve endured as an open window into your soul. It may still feel cloudy at times but our greatest power is our strength right now. What this situation gave you was a new fire you can build off. You now know what you deserve, and what you are ready to receive from love. The piercings in your heart have cut you open to reveal truths you were previously blind to. Grow in your self-love. The love you seek is seeking you. The emotions you attach to someone else is still yours to find. Don’t let this stop you from opening up your heart to receive what was always yours.

9 of Cups – Nothing is in your way anymore. The past has prepared you to receive this new beginning. Take pride in all of the battles you’ve won and be humbled by all it’s given you. It’s time to close the curtain and open a new door. Let yourself be purified. All of the things you’ve felt now serve as your own internal compass. You can see things for what they are now. No more projections. Just truth, optimism, and a new you that is readier than ever for what the universe is about to give you.

Overall Energy of the Deck – 9 of Wands – As you begin to act on the fire that’s been building within, make sure you are taking note of the people you have around you right now. Not everyone’s hands are as clean as they appear. Put up the necessary boundaries you need to make sure people aren’t gaining more access to you than they deserve. Not everyone gets to ride with you to the top. Take a look around, and make sure you are surrounded by those that are true to their word. Actions speak louder, so make sure the words they speak are in alignment to the moves they make.

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