Energy Report – Week of 12/15

This week we are closing out energy cycles with the end of the year fast approaching. This is the last full week in Sagittarius season, as the Sun moves in Capricorn on the Winter Solstice December 21st. The solstice represents the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day and shortest night in the Southern Hemisphere. This time gives us the opportunity to go within, retreat and reflect over all that’s happened since the Summer solstice in June. It’s a time to find light in our darkness and to become more comfortable in our shadows. The dark periods are ultimately what allow us to rise above better with more clarity and confidence in who we are.

Venus will be moving into Aquarius on the 20th, bringing freedom and spontaneity to how we approach love, money, and our values. With this transit, we are able to take a more detached approach to how we view these parts of our lives, allowing us to be more open to how it comes and goes. We will be able to see things differently, and view the people we’re relating with at a wider lens. It’s time for us to see the bigger picture, and not be so forceful in how things turn out. Celebrate what makes you and the people you love unique, and be open to companions that are different than the norm.

Page of Swords – New truths and revelations are coming through as we cycle through the old timelines that are collapsing at this time. Sit on these truths so that you can decide how to best act on them and serve yourself in the process. Rise above any energy wanting to keep you stuck or replaying old patterns of thinking. Clear the air within yourself and those around you so that you can make room for new energy to move through you.

Judgement – Answer your higher callings. See the actions of those around you for what they are, and decide what energy you want to keep around as you ascend on your journey. It’s time to leave the old you behind, and with this level up comes sacrifice. You cannot be delivered to the truth behind the curtain, if you are distracted the masks of other people. Like the Wizard of Oz, don’t get so focused on what you want things to be, that you forget to see things for what they are. No one can save you, but you.

The Fool (In Reverse) – Are you allowing yourself to be led down a path of destruction? Are you honoring the desire of your ego or of your soul? Spirit wants us to have the freedom we seek, but to know ourselves and what we truly need in order to get there first. We still need discipline to make things happen. We still need to sit with our choices before we make them. As you wander in the new paths you are ready to travel on, be clear of your intention and your direction. Think before you act out of haste or out of the influence of other people.

Ace of Cups (In Reverse) – Emotional release is important. Anything you’ve been holding in, needs a place to go so that it doesn’t end up manifesting into your physical reality. Empty your cup so you can refill what you need. Any guilt, shame, and sadness around the past has to be confronted and let go of in a proper way. Whether it’s writing a letter to a past partner or friend, or recording a video or audio of you releasing your thoughts out loud, do what helps you heal these emotions. If it still stings, it’s still needs to be dealt with. Whatever still has a hold on you, must be forgiven.

3 of Pentacles – Gain the support you want, and be the support you need. Right now as we activate new parts of ourselves, we may need some help clearing the old. Seek out the guidance and energetic clearance you need. Ask for the help you need. Don’t hold it all in for the sake of doing it by yourself. Spirit may be leading you to healers or energy workers that can help you come to the other side with more fullness and understanding than if you did it alone. Let someone help you drop the burdens you’ve been carrying, and help you across the bridge faster.

The High Priestess (In Reverse) – The goddess and feminine energy wants you to recognize her within yourself. You’ve been pushing away the flow and ease of things working out naturally by trying to force and act upon things the way the masculine usually does. Find the balance between the two. Don’t place more emphasis on one rather than the other. Open yourself up to receive as much as you give, and don’t resist what is trying to come through to you.

4 of Pentacles (Overall Energy of the Deck) – Capricorn season is going to allow us to build our dreams and become the leader of our own life. But first, we have to work through the layers of emotions and go through the pressure required to build diamonds. We have to go deep into our subconscious and take what’s been holding us back to allow it to be the backbone to what we use to hold us up. Every lesson has a reason. Find the reason so that these lessons don’t hold anymore power over you and let it be your driving force for 2020 and beyond.

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