Energy Report – Week of 12/1

Happy December! This month is going to be a powerful transition as we close out the decade and have a Full Moon in Gemini, New Moon Eclipse and Winter Solstice all phasing us out of this year. Get ready to end the cycles you’ve out grown, and level up past all of the tests you’ve gone through this year.

Jupiter has left its home in Sagittarius today where it ruled our expansion and spiritual growth this past year, and is now moving into the grounded Earth energy of Capricorn. Use this energy to help you continue your climb. Keep your eyes set on your target and aim higher than ever. We are also officially moving out of Mercury Retrograde’s shadow period on Saturday making this week and beyond the perfect time to take some action on everything we’ve discovered recently. Even though it’s easy to get lost in all the holiday festivities, this is a ripe time to create and build on what you are working to receive during the next year. We are moving into heavy Capricorn energy with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in the sign creating the stability and structures we need to have in place in order to win on every level.

9 of Pentacles (In Reverse) – As we begin the last month of this decade, we are being invited to sit with not only what we are ready to receive, but how we can truly open ourselves up to receive it. Do not focus on what did not work in the past, or what hasn’t been materializing as of yet. Do not block your blessings by focus on where you are being constrained or resisted. Focus on finding the loopholes that are there to help you across the bridge. See all of your visions coming to life in your mind daily and hold onto it until it manifests, no matter how long it takes. Time is not something to place too much emphasis on right now. Stay more in tune to being in high vibratory spaces that can help you to get where you are going and take off the pressure.

4 of Cups (In Reverse) – You may be or have been faced with a decision or emotion you did not want to see or feel but are having to face now. Don’t suppress the truths living inside of you as they are coming up for a reason. There may be people or situations that you are involved in that are not truly meant to be and the longer you claim them out of the sake of being comfortable or not hurting anyone, you will only hurt yourself in the process. Face what you are feeling head on. Act on your emotional truths. Release what’s ready to leave your life and don’t hold on too much to anything right now. We are in the process of one final sweep before we bring in the new year. Let it be.

6 of Wands – There is a victory lap coming to you. Whether it’s something you’ve been pushing for finally materializing, or just recognizing yourself for how far you’ve come this year, you deserve to praise and a pat on the back for all you’ve done. We are about to welcome in some new energies that will feel good and bring you the joy you’ve been seeking. Keep looking forward so that you can see these golden opportunities for what they are when they come. You’ve fought damn hard to get here. Keep welcoming in the blessings you’ve earned and looking to the future with optimism and positivity.

4 of Swords (In Reverse) – Give yourself what you need most. Whether it’s resting more often during the craziness of the holidays or taking a day off for your mental health, allow your mind to come back to a state of ease. There may be some pain or hurt that is still effecting you that needs to be seen and given the proper time to heal from. Don’t feed into the madness this time of year can bring. Make sure you are taking your time alone, meditating, reflecting, and integrating all of the lessons. The world can wait. Do what your body needs and skip the rest.

The High Priestess – The sacred goddess and keeper of all wisdom is showing up to remind us of the intuitive gifts we all have within. Restore yourself back to your true nature to find the power you’ve been harnessing within. Remember just how powerful you actually are and wear your crown with pride. Go deeper within to unlock the new levels you’ve been preparing for. Everything you are being met with right now, is happening for your highest good. Make a list of what makes you feel the most powerful, and do these things daily.

7 of Cups – There are a lot of decisions we are being presented with right now. We have cords to cut, places to venture off to, and a life of our choosing that’s right in front of us if we allow ourselves to access our truest desires and act from that place. Take your time with whatever you are being faced with before you decide. Trust your gut feeling when it comes to people and situations that are coming up for review. Many times we know the answer, but allow the people around us to make the decision for us and when it doesn’t work out, we are ones left with the consequences. Don’t give your deciding power away. You are capable of putting the ducks in a row that you need to. Review these decisions with care and precision.

9 of Wands (Overall Energy of the Deck) – Protect your energy and keep what matters to you most close and safe to your heart. Be cautious of those that are only supporting you to gain something in return. Be genuine about the moves you are making and the way you are presenting yourself. There are a lot of illusions being shattered as we move into 2020. Don’t get caught up in any hype of appearing or acting a certain way for clout. Real recognize real. Stay close to the truth seekers, and light bearers of the world as they will continue to shine a light on what this world is about to go through. Be committed to this journey for the long haul, not for instant gratification.

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