Energy Report – Week of 11/24

The week begins with a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday that is here to bring the fire we needed after Scorpio season to blaze a new trail in our lives. With the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all in Sagittarius this is the biggest opportunity we’ve had all year to really expand our world and take big risks to receive big rewards. No more playing small. No more closing our mouth, ears, and eyes to our own truths. This is the time to act and build as we close out the rest of the year. Gain the momentum you need so that by the time Capricorn season comes you are already flowing in the direction of your dreams and making it happen for yourself. The time to start your New Years’ resolutions is now. Don’t wait or delay your progress any longer.

Go where your soul is calling you to go. Dare to reach new heights within yourself. Plan out your travel for the next year and act on the things that scare you the most. The universe is giving us the fire under our a**es that we need, use it as fuel. Keep your mind open to see the opportunity in everything. And get ready to unlock the levels within you that you didn’t even know you had.

10 of Wands (In Reverse) – Unpack your burdens this week. Take note of the heavy loads that you’ve been carrying and try and untangle yourself from anything that no longer needs your attention. What you focus on grows and this New Moon is here to shift our focus back to our hearts, and what we want to see develop over the next 6 months. Maybe you’ve been fighting a battle that isn’t really yours and worrying fixating about a problem that isn’t yours to solve. Give these worries to Spirit, and allow the greater good of all to unfold in divine timing. Shift your attention elsewhere so that you don’t miss out on the blessings that are already in store for you.

10 of Pentacles (In Reverse) – How people see us is often a reflection of how we see ourselves. The people around you may look to you as an authority figure or mentor, but if you don’t see if it in yourself, it may be hard to grow in your purpose. Spirit wants to reward you with the physical manifestation of your hard work but at first you need to recognize the work you’ve been putting in all year for what it is and what it has given you. Honor the path you’ve been on even if it hasn’t been easy. You’ve been tested for a reason. Every obstacle is to help you grow and align you to the path you are ready to take. Give yourself more recognition for the person you are becoming. You are becoming the person your younger self needed, do you believe it yet?

2 of Cups (In Reverse) – Our relationships and partnerships are important to review right now. How have the people around you been serving you? Is it an equal exchange of energy? If you aren’t feeling balanced or leave an interaction feeling drained, this is a sign that you may be outgrowing this individual or need to voice your truth on how you feel about them. The people around you are your biggest mirror. What do you see in the reflection they are showing you? Don’t hide from what you see. It’s time to see and speak on the truth.

Ace of Cups (In Reverse) – This is a time of refilling our cups with what our souls feel we need. Don’t think about the amount of money or time it might take. Do what you need right now. Give yourself the love you are seeking right now. Sometimes we place our focus too much on what we want externally rather than giving ourselves what we need internally. Any emotions you’ve been seeking or things you want to feel with others again can be yours. But first, you have to allow this emotion to rise within yourself. Write a list of emotional needs, and find ways you can gain what you are looking for on your own so that you can find it in the world.

8 of Cups – Sagittarius season is giving us the boost of confidence to walk on the path less traveled. We are no longer in the shadows of what we feel. It’s time to act on the things we’ve been sitting on and use our intuition as our guide. You know what you need. Leave what no longer serves you behind so that you can get closer to satisfying your soul. The time is now.

Page of Swords – We are ready to go to battle for the truths within us. We can no longer silence ourselves from what we feel. It’s time to voice your truth from the top of the mountain and share the gifts you’ve been blessed with to the world. There is no need to be afraid. Put your fears aside and you will find that you have a new leg to stand on. You have been growing in your strength, it’s time to use it for your greater good.

Overall Energy of the Deck – Judgement (In Reverse) – With most of these cards in reverse including this one, Spirit really wants us to take a step back and review what we’ve either been resisting or haven’t allowed ourselves to see or feel. Sit with yourself long enough to really hear what the universe has been trying to show us all along. We are unpacking an entire decades worth of energy as we close out this year. Take your time to go through what rises to the surface, and close out any toxic cycles that you are not meant to bring with you in 2020. Stay focused on what you are ready for, so that when Judgement day comes, you can receive all the fruits of your labor with ease.

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