Energy Report – Week of 11/17

This week we are going to be ready to take some action on the lessons we’ve learned now that Mars is moving into Scorpio on Tuesday, Mercury is stationing direct on Wednesday, and the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Saturday. It’s go-time especially in the fire areas of your chart, and now that the last Mercury Retrograde is officially over, we can move with clarity and peace from all that’s happened in the past year.

This is an important time to focus on your vision and do the things you have been afraid to do. Sagittarius season is all about adventure, travel, and the pursuit of what makes you the happiest. It’s time to be honest with yourself and the world around you about what truly fills you up, and to go after it no matter any opposition or fear you’ve been met with in the past. 2020 is almost among us, we are about to leave this decade behind. Why not do what your heart is ready to do?

3 of Swords – Our hearts have endured a lot this year and this week we may feel it all rise up again to heal it as a whole. We’ve weathered storms, we’ve navigated through relationships we never thought would end, and it’s time to finally see what every aspect of any heartbreak we went through was revealing to us about ourselves. Take note of the wounds that are still living inside of you. Give yourself the love you seek.

Ace of Cups (In Reverse) – This last week of Scorpio season is all about releasing and shedding those final layers of self. We need to return to our own emotional waters, and figure out if we’ve been cutting ourselves off from feeling or distracting ourselves from facing our own issues. If you’ve been doing the work on tapping into your emotional world and sharing your heart, a reward for that may return to you this week. None of the work you are doing is in vain. Be patient with receiving what you’ve been giving out. Your time is coming.

Page of Cups – There comes a time where we can no longer be blind to our own faults. We often let people in, giving way more than we need to and subconsciously knowing they will hurt us. Take ownership of the times you have given your love away when you should have been saving it for yourself. You know better now than to to repeat those destructive habits. Own what your heart truly wants, and don’t settle for something or someone just because your ego wants to be chosen. No more games, you are entering a new stage of maturity within your heart now.

The Chariot (In Reverse) – Are you truly honoring yourself? Are you seeing the light within you and claiming your throne? Do not resist your own godliness. Reclaim the power within you and get ready to truly stand in your power. It’s time to walk the talk and be authentic to you above all. Cut off any influences that aren’t serving you and lean into your own security.

5 of Cups – Look to the blessings you have in front of you have now, rather than constantly looking back to what you’ve lost. Anything that has exited your life, has served its purpose and is no longer meant to be there. See everything as a blessing in disguise. You don’t know what Spirit could be protecting you from. Looking in the past, will not change what happened, but it can keep you from getting the most out of your future. Look ahead, be optimistic of what’s to come, and don’t stay stuck in old cycles because you are too afraid to leave it all behind.

2 of Wands – It’s time to look forward to your new future. We are about to leave this decade behind, and the world within it as well. Imagine you are holding your own crystal ball, look into it and envision the life you want to be living. Work on your vision, and putting the action steps together to get to the good parts of life you deserve to be living. In order to level up, you will have to leave the old parts of you behind. Get ready to let that all go, in order to receive the highest and best this world has to offer you.

The Empress (Overall Energy of the Deck) – We are fruitful, fertile in our manifestation, and able to call in everything we want right now. Use this energy to really tap in and begin to see your flowers bloom. Get into your feminine flow, and allow it to help you create with ease. Honor all that you are, and let your heart lead. The universe wants to pour back into you everything you deserve, are you ready to receive it?

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