Energy Report – Week of 11/10

This week begins with 11/11, a powerful gateway for manifestation and setting clear intentions on what you are ready to receive. Let go of any heaviness you’ve been carrying and open your heart to receiving love and support from all the angels around you. Combined with the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, we will have two powerful days full of potent magic for creating anything you would like to see show up in your life. This Full Moon is going to shower us in abundance, and we will begin to see the flowers grow from the seeds we planted 6 months ago during the New Moon in Taurus.

Our thoughts and words are especially powerful as Mercury transits the Sun combining this Scorpio energy under this 11/11 portal. Words are spells. Speak your wishes aloud and focus on your personal affirmations to freedom. This retrograde is a gift that allows us to slow down and really process our communication patterns and how we can better use the power in our words to bring us closer to everything we seek. Remember this Retrograde period is for you, not against you. Use it for good.

Queen of Swords – We are being guided closer towards our truth. New revelations are coming to us as we tap into the heightened intuition we are receiving at this time. New directions and pathways that we did not see before may appear. We are emerging from our cocoon and becoming the butterfly. It’s time to use our wings and fly above the clouds to where our souls have been calling us to. Trust in your own guidance, answer the call.

4 of Pentacles – Under all of the emotions, the death and rebirths, the trials and tribulations, sits our abundance. It us up to us to alchemize our pain into gold. It is up to us to see past the illusions and projections others have placed on us and see the bigger picture to every struggle we’ve had this year. It has all led us to this moment in time. The stability you seek is sitting all around you, once you push past any emotion or fear that’s keeping you hostage.

The Lovers – Our relationships are our biggest mirrors. This card is asking us to look deeply into what we’ve been shown by the people we’ve been surrounded by. Find the true meaning behind any karmic relationships you’ve been faced with. These fated relationships may return to you this week to show you the purpose behind the connection and you may be tempted to return to that part of your life once more to really innerstand the depth behind it. Make sure you are in control of your emotions and resist temptation to regress back to any relationship or friendship you’ve cut ties with this year. Find the answers, but don’t repeat the pattern.

Strength- Balance the masculine and the feminine energy inside of you. Tame the beast within by nourishing and loving yourself through what you’ve gone through and meet yourself with more compassion for everything you’ve accomplished thus far emotionally and physically. Your strength is your source of power and you have been shown how powerful you truly are lately. This is something to honor. Tap into your superhumanness to keep rising above.

Temperance (In Reverse) – Be patient with yourself and your journey right now. If things haven’t been in flow, know that it will return as you continue to shift within. This is the time to really dig deep and not to resist your solitude. Meditate daily to go within your psyche and see yourself overcoming all obstacles. Your angels are surrounding you. Connect with them so then can show you the higher truth and put any doubt or fear you have at ease.

9 of Cups – Open yourself up to receive. Our emotional triumphs are our glory moments. Don’t let the ego try and tell you otherwise. Don’t feed into the material being the only wealth you can receive. Inner peace and freedom to live your life as you wish are priceless fulfillments that you get to have as long as you move past feeling like you aren’t doing or creating enough. Know that you are enough just by breathing here on this Earth. The other things are just a bonus.

3 of Wands (Overall Energy) – This card showed up last week reaffirming this new direction and journey our hearts have been calling us to. Keep pushing past any fears that are keeping your mind afraid of taking risks or doing something completely new. The only way to reach the places you want to go, you will have to do things you’ve never done. Plant your feet and ground yourself in the magic of new beginnings.

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