Energy Report – Week of 11/3

Happy November! It’s been an intense few weeks, and we are now fully in the midst of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Venus moved in Sagittarius on the 1st bringing freedom and expansion to our relationships and allowing us to explore new sides of how we love and relate to our partners and our love life in general. The Veils are thin during this time of year. Connect to your ancestors and meditate daily so you can receive Spirit in full capacity. on Tuesday and Wednesday Mars in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn bringing some intensity, so make sure to watch out for any arguments or misdirected anger that may rise around you. Remain flexible in what shows up during this Retrograde period, and don’t judge yourself too harshly for whatever you are feeling. Go slow, revisit your projects before moving forward, but don’t stay stuck in the past. Don’t give into the hype of things falling apart, Mercury is helping us to allow things to fall together naturally.

4 of Cups – This week feels like a new chance at seeing something happen that you’ve been really hoping for, but have been met with doubt and criticism in the past. Whether it’s your own doubt or fear creeping in or others around you, it’s important to block out this energy as much as possible so that you are not getting in the way of this blessing. Don’t hold onto too much to the what if’s and what could go wrong. Try and envision yourself receiving whatever this blessing is with no strings attached, and the best possible outcome.

8 of Cups – You are ready to take yourself on a new journey or begin a new direction in something you’ve already been working on. This card brings the energy of having success already, but really wanting more on a heart level. Maybe you have achieved so much in your career, but your heart is pushing you towards something else, something more fulfilling. Wherever you are feeling that call, go with this energy and allow your intuition to be your guide. There’s more purpose in this new direction that might will bring you somewhere unexpected, but trust where you are being led.

7 of Pentacles – Right now is the time to really look at everything you’ve built and accrued over the past year. Are you satisfied with your life’s work and the money you are currently making? Are you investing in yourself and your future? Take a serious look at the structures you have around you, and whether or not they are built to last. With Mercury Retrograde, everything is up for review. Don’t be afraid to question the way you’ve been doing things over the past few months. There is a need to make sure you are moving in alignment with yourself. Check in.

10 of Wands – There is a burst of fire coming as we move into Sagittarius energy. You may feel the aggression rise and amplified by the Mars square Pluto that will be occurring on the 5/6. Make sure you are using this energy wisely and putting it towards your passion. Try to get out of your head and back into your heart. With the last two months of 2019 here, this is your time to be fierce in your pursuits. Don’t delay your growth any longer. It’s time to go hard and push yourself past your limitations.

Wheel of Fortune – A new cycle has begun with this rebirth and transformation that Scorpio season has been allowing us to receive. It’s time to spin the wheel of life, and see the shifts occurring around you. Gain a higher perspective to the cycles you are currently shifting out of. The Phoenix wants you to rise from the ashes of who you have been. It’s time to embody who you have become through all the changes you’ve made this year and embrace where your soul has led you to.

3 of Wands – Coupled with the 8 of Cups, this card shows up when we are ready to push ourselves in a new direction. It might be time to turn your back on your old ways, self sabotaging and self-sacrificing behaviors. The only way to get yourself on the other side of this bridge is to take care of you and let whatever is distracting you take a back seat. There is so much emotion we are feeling that can cause us to get caught up in a temporary situation, rather than seeing the bigger picture of what your life is showing you. Make sure your focus is in the right place so you can allow yourself to leap with no regrets.

Overall Energy of the Deck:

2 of Cups – Our partnerships and the friends we surround ourselves with can make or break us at this time. We are also being mirrored a lot of what we still need to heal by other people and it can be triggering to feel all of these things with so much intensity. Take time to center and spend time with people that give to you as much as you give to them. If you feel drained after an encounter with someone, it’s a sign that your energy isn’t being reciprocated and it’s time to move on from those kind of relationships. As much as you can especially as we move into the holidays, honor the people that make you feel seen and heard. Leave anyone else in 2019 beginning now, and start fresh if you need to.

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