Energy Report – Week of 10/13

The week starts with the Full Moon in Aries that’s caused a massive fire within all of us to clear away the old and make space for the new. Pluto’s square has played a massive role in this Full Moon bringing a lot of things to surface that we thought were over, or have been buried deep within our subconscious. Past situations have popping up to show us where we are still healing and Jupiter’s trine is giving us the opportunity to find growth in all of these challenges and hard decisions we are being faced with. Take action on what you’ve been shown.

Last week we had Venus enter Scorpio and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio’s shadow period. With our final week of Libra season before we enter Scorpio season on the 23rd, we are finishing out this highlight on love and relationships with more truths and shadows being revealed with Venus’ influence. We’re on the brink of a transformation that will carry us into 2020 and beyond. Let everything be, and allow the universe to show you what you need to focus on, and what it’s time to let go of for good.

Death – It’s time to say goodbye to our old selves, past lives, and ways of thinking. Harness this Full Moon energy by clearing away the people and the mindsets that you know are no longer meant to come with you on your journey. We’ve been experiencing some high emotions leading up to this moon causing anxiety, confusion, and sadness that has felt like a mini-death to the person we used to know. It’s necessary to have these periods of time so that we can take a step back, truly look at our lives from an emotional perspective and decide the way we want to feel moving forward. Let it clear. Make room for your freedom and your rebirth.

10 of Pentacles – This week we will continue to have a highlight on our friends and family, and the people close to us that really look to us for advice and guidance. There will be an extra focus on this and it will be up to you to give your energy wisely and harness this role you have been playing for your loved ones. There could be a financial opportunity to find abundance in all of the love and wisdom you share naturally. How you can serve others and serve yourself in the process? Who do you find yourself sharing advice with often? Open your mind to new possibilities of income based on your natural born gifts and talents.

Queen of Pentacles – Stay focused on all of the growth you have tapped into recently. Keep your eye on your own prize. Find ways to clear any distractions that have been making you feel blocked or stagnant on your personal projects and choose to see the higher message in any of the challenges you’ve faced lately. Own all of the abundance surrounding you, even if hasn’t made it’s way to you yet. The seeds have been planted, and it’s growing beautiful flowers. Open your eye to see it. Continue to water your garden (your mind) and you will be surprised in what shows up come Springtime when you start to see the full landscape of your dreams.

6 of Wands – Take ownership over the fire you’ve been building within. It’s time to ride the wave into your destiny but this moment requires for you to really fight for all you’re creating. There will always be people surrounding you, looking to extract from all the gold you have surrounding you. Don’t let others eat at a table that you are still building right now. Focus inwards on your creation and keep those visions that you’ve been seeing of your dreams coming true to yourself. Eventually the world will know, but it’s important for you to have all the energy you need to keep growing closer and closer with no external pressure.

The Sun (In Reverse) – Right now is a time to see the God/Goddess you have inside of you and honor yourself above all. Keep growing that light within and allow yourself to lead without any doubts or worries. With this card in reverse it’s really important for you to let go of any insecurities that have been making you feel less than the God you are. Find ways to serve and nurture your soul this week. You are always whole. There is no need to ever go outside of yourself for validation. Make sure you are always validating you first, and the rest will come naturally.

The Moon – Listen to your intuition right now above all. This Full Moon energy has really turned up the emotional intensities from situations that we’ve been working to heal. Cater to these emotions by allowing them to serve you higher. You are going to continue to be guided by revelations, small hunches, and inner truths that may not make sense to those around you but that does not matter, follow it anyway. There’s much to be learned in all of these feels we’ve been feeling. Honor wherever you are right now, and know that once this all settles, you will have the answers you’ve been searching for if you take the time to really listen.

Knight of Wands (In Reverse) Overall Energy of Deck – The masculine fire energy from this Full Moon is going to need sometime to cool off this week. Take your time in getting to where you are trying to go. Don’t force it or push too hard in your pursuits right now. You are still going in the right direction when you pause and take time to fill up your cup and stop for a water break on your journey. We’re being called to retreat into our creative fire and spend sometime alone doing what makes us feel good again. You don’t always have to be creating for work purposes. Tap back into your hobbies and the things that you make you feel alive this week. It will bring out the side of you that doesn’t get to play as often, and you might find a new motivation and inspiration through it all.

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