Energy Report – Week of 9/29

The week begins with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus still in Libra after the Super New Moon we had on Saturday. With the abundance of air energy we have in the sky right now, it’s important to tap into to the higher realms and see what Spirit is revealing to us on all levels. Take action on your New Moon intentions as you work to manifest these ideas into the physical realm. Work on co-creating with the universe and bringing your ideas to life with passion, and try and release yourself from doing anything that feels out of alignment with your goals. The Moon will move into Scorpio on Monday causing our emotions to be heightened so make sure you are taking the time to be with yourself and alchemize whatever is coming up for you.

Mercury will move into Scorpio on October 3rd which will add more depth and intensity to how we communicate with others, and we will be constantly be seeking truths and lots of transformation in this area will also occur. Pluto will also station direct on the 3rd after being retrograde since April giving us the green light to go for our deepest desires and to bring our truth to the surface. Mars will enter Libra on October 4th, bringing more balance to our motivation and how we approach our active pursuits. Mars can feel frustrated and stagnant in Libra and you may feel yourself being more indecisive than usual. Find like-minded people you can collaborate with to bring you back to your fire, and keep yourself grounded in all of the work you’ve been doing. The last few months of the year are here. Stay focused on the abundance available to you and make sure you are setting yourself up for a successful end to 2019.

The Fool – Stay curious and open to receiving messages from your guides and the universe this week. You may take action steps that seem “foolish” to other people, but this card is really letting us know it’s okay to be less in your head, and to truly follow where you are being called. Do some things you haven’t done, or have been wanting to do and do not let fear dictate where you are going. Be fearless but be careful not to repeat the same mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Knight of Swords – Allow yourself to go after the new ideas, projects, and passions that you have been wanting to implement. Our minds are very active right now, and it’s a good time to take action on these matters. Notice the patterns in your thinking. Your mind may be returning to this person, place or situation for a reason. It may be calling you to travel or get in contact with someone that has an important message for you. Go with these hunches.

7 of Swords – Be wary of deception and people with ulterior motives. Right now is not the time to give people the benefit of the doubt. It’s time to listen to your intuition and even if it’s just a feeling of being short-sighted by someone, or betrayed or lied to, take this feeling as truth. Our Spirit sees before us, and often times we know when someone is acting out of character but we choose to see the good in them anyways. You will continue to hurt yourself by creating false perceptions and illusions of people. Don’t doubt what you feel. See people for who they are.

The High Priestess – We are being given insight into our truth and the purpose behind all that we’ve gone through. The High Priestess is the protector of knowledge, and only shares this knowledge with those that have done the inner work and have committed to actively healing themselves. She is ready to share more wisdom and truth with us, if we can look beyond what’s in front of our eyes right now. Dive into other realms by meditating daily and journaling to see what’s being channeled through you. You may be surprised by the messages you are receiving on a high-level this week.

6 of Pentacles – Others may look to you for help at this time and you are in a good position to give it to them but the key is to make sure this exchange is balanced and fruitful for both parties. Share your truth with people that are feeling lost and seeking guidance. You didn’t go through these hard lessons for nothing. Express your gratitude for making it through this last phase by helping someone else through their darkness. Remain humble, and the universe may reward you financially or materially for sharing your gifts.

2 of Swords – Take off the blindfold and keep seeking the truth about the people you are surrounded by. Spirit is constantly revealing but if we are closed off or not allowing ourselves to hear the truth, we will have to learn the hard way about these people or situations. It’s not always pretty or easy, but it’s better to face the music and move accordingly. Try and be more logical in your approach rather than always being in your feelings about letting certain people or things go. Make room for alignment, and don’t fear what you may be leaving behind right now. There is always better to come.

King of Cups (In Reverse) Overall Energy – We are moving out of the emotions we’ve been bounded to and it’s time to take a break on self sacrificing and co-dependent relationships. The New Moon in Libra showed us where we are still acting from a place of dependency rather than moving forward in our independence and growth. Don’t stagnate yourself by clinging on to the past. Choose to grow despite others around you that are wanting to keep you in the same space. We are not the same people we were this summer, or even last week. Honor this new person you are becoming by leaving old mindsets and patterns behind for good.

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