Energy Report – Week of 9/22

We have a supercharged week ahead of us with the Fall Equinox today and the New Moon in Libra on Saturday! This Libra season we will feel an extra focus on our relationships and creating harmony and balance in the areas of our lives that haven’t been in flow. As Libra is ruled by Venus, our creativity and expression of love and beauty will be heightened and as we move into October we will have the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars all in Libra enhancing this transit. As our relationships will be up for review during Libra season, it’s important to be honest with ourselves about the people we are surrounded by, and if they are supporting or hurting our evolution. With only 3 months left of 2019, it’s time to take note of the relationships and energies we would like to continue to carry with us and call forth, and those that are time to leave behind us for good.

The Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox in the South, is a potent day for manifestation and ritual work. The veils between us and the heavens are super thin on this day making it easier for us to receive downloads and messages from Spirit and our guides. Take 10-20 minutes to meditate and pay attention to any themes that pop up, and notice where your mind naturally wanders to today. The Equinox gives us equal hours of day and night, marks a shift in the seasons, and signifies endings that we’ve been feeling come to the surface since Saturn went direct last week. This is a time of rebirth, and there is an abundance of Cardinal energy in the sky with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, giving us a boost of motivation. Be ambitious in your actions and move forward with any ideas or projects you’ve been sitting on.

7 of Cups (In Reverse) – It’s time to take a step back and review what’s in front of us. Many opportunities, relationships, and emotions are being presented to us, but we need to make sure before we act, we are getting clear on what we want to see, feel, and share with others before we move forward with anything. Not all that glitters is gold, and taking the time to thoroughly see all sides of the coin with someone or something this week will prove to be more beneficial than acting with haste or quickness. Sit with what Spirit is revealing to you, and make sure you are clear before you move in any direction.

Judgement – This week is a time to surrender to what others have been showing us about themselves, and make our own judgement call on how we want to proceed. If you’ve been questioning a relationship or friendship that hasn’t been moving in the right direction lately, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you right now and stick to it. Many times we know exactly what we need and want, but settle in staying in the same position because it’s easier not to confront these feelings. Follow the gentle tugs you feel and stick with the people that you are being drawn to on a deeper level. It’s time to make a physical sweep of the energies that are no longer serving you, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it may be. Staying in stagnant or lower vibrational energies will be only be doing a disservice to you and your higher self. Shed your old skin and have trust that Spirit will continue to lead you on this new path higher than ever before. Act from a place of love, and in service to no one but you.

6 of Wands – We are being carried in a new direction towards justice, balance, and harmony in our minds and spirits. It may feel like you are at a tipping point, and unsure of what is waiting for you around the corner. Trust that this new direction you are being pulled in has been designed and made uniquely for you and where you are on your journey. Open your mind to new possibilities, new inspirations and motivations that are now entering as a result of you shedding your past self. This new cycle is here for you to claim, release your control and allow the universe to guide you to this next phase of life.

Ace of Pentacles (In Reverse) – The wealth and abundance you seek is here, but are you fully ready to receive? Are you blocking yourself from claiming this abundance because of old mindsets and limiting beliefs? Do you feel you fully deserve these new financial opportunities? It’s time to ask yourself these questions and work on your affirmations around receiving money and stability. We can only create stability in our riches if we believe we are worthy of receiving this wealth. You’ve been working towards this for a long time, make sure you aren’t pushing yourself away from it now that it’s closer than ever. Find your footing in what you know you are meant to receive, and call it forth with confidence.

4 of Wands – Celebrate this new you! So much inner work has been done and you have grown immensely over the past few months. You are the only one that truly knows what it took to rise above the ashes, and you deserve a pat on the back for all the times you kept going when everything around you was pushing you down or falling apart. You’ve been building a new ground to rest your feet on and even if you don’t feel like you are fully there yet, new doors are continuously opening as a result of your diligence and perseverance. Your hard work is about to pay off tremendously, you should feel proud and grateful that your time is finally coming.

King of Cups (In Reverse) – Continue to let go and release the emotions that come up this week around the past and shedding the old. You’ve been able to master so much of what you’ve been dealing with, and it’s normal to have periods of sadness, grief, and disappointment over any losses or defeats. Just know that this new chapter can only be fully opened once you’ve closed the doors of the past. Send love to those that have hurt you. Find it in your heart to forgive yourself for not knowing better, and forgive others as whatever happened has more to do with them, than it has to do with you. You no longer have to carry this burden.

King of Pentacles (Overall Energy) – More life, more abundance, and more growth is here shining over us! Use this Equinox and New Moon to manifest and create more equilibrium in your life by tuning in to your unique frequency and owning everything that you are. The King knows his worth and knows where he’s headed, and is literally dripping in gold. He uses all his resources to create a new future ahead of him, no matter where he’s been in the past. This is a positive indication to have faith in your path, and to own your crown and kingdom of glory.

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