Energy Report – Week of 9/15

This week we’re fresh off the Full Moon in Pisces energy that brought many of us closure, resolution, and insights into our past and future. Now, it is up to us to use what Spirit has revealed and bring this energy forth in everything we do from this point forward. The week begins with the Moon in Aries, giving us that boost of fire, and the motivation to blaze a new path for ourselves now that we’ve ended a major chapter in our lives.

Mercury and Venus are now in Libra, bringing forth the energy of compromise and balance, restoring harmony in our relationships and communication, and allowing us to see both sides of the coin in situations that we may have not seen before. We will feel more artistic and creative as Venus is at home in Libra, and love and new relationships will definitely start to play a bigger role and if this has been a focus of yours, this will be the time to hone in on your romantic intentions, and even business partnerships can benefit from these transits.

Saturn will also be going direct this week on Wednesday the 18th, bringing forth a new cycle of discipline and growth as well as releasing us from any bonds of the past as it aligns with the South Node. Saturn is the deliverer of Karma, and now that he is moving out of retrograde we will receive all of our good karma from the past 9 months, and justice will be served to those that have been moving in a malicious or deceitful manner. It’s important to be responsible for the energy you are putting forth with Saturn stationing direct, and not to allow yourself to slip into old patterns and fear-based thinking.

Queen of Wands – Be fearless in all of your pursuits this week. Use the insights of the Full Moon to break new ground and channel this energy into your career and creative projects as motivation to keep striving for more. Don’t be afraid to go after what sets your soul on fire.

4 of Cups – You may receive a new proposal in the form of love, business, or finances but it’s important that you don’t hinder this new opportunity by remaining stuck on the past or what’s in front of you currently. There is a lot of work being done under the surface, and the universe likes to move in silence until you are fully ready to receive this blessing. When this idea, or opportunity presents itself, make sure you are ready to put this into action, or you could lose this window and have to wait for the next time around.

9 of Cups (In Reverse) – The number 9 carries the energy of completion and the pursuit of our pleasures. A lot of endings occurred in the past few months and we’ve completed some major tests in our relationships. It’s now time to reap the benefits of all that we’ve gone through in these relationship trials, and begin a new, fuller cycle that has the potential to bring us true happiness and the real love we’ve been seeking. Make sure to keep these lessons top of mind, but don’t let them hinder you from believing you can have everything you deserve.

10 of Cups (In Reverse) – There are a lot of new beginnings on the horizon, and you will definitely feel this energy this week as long as you are not closed off or resisting what’s coming. Don’t allow fear of repeating the past to overshadow what feels like your real shot at happiness and the celebration of the future you’ve been waiting for.

3 of Pentacles (In Reverse) – Last week, Spirit wanted us to invite in help and not be closed off to allowing others to guide us along the way. This week it feels like we’re still receiving this guidance but we also need to balance this energy by tapping into ourselves and following what we know is best for us. Continue to watch for overextending your help to others, and if someone’s advice is no longer resonating with you, remember that your own advice is what holds true the most. Listen to your gut before anyone.

2 of Wands (In Reverse) – Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in looking towards the future, that we forget to stay present and mindful of what we do now will ultimately create our future. Focus on growing what you have now, and continuing to move forward. Make sure the people you have around you are supporting your dreams, and elevating your work. It’s time to take a survey of what you have going on right now, and how you can work with everything you already have.

8 of Pentacles (Overall Energy) – Keep going, keep growing, and keep aligning yourself with the work you believe in. If you don’t feel called to do something, work on finding what you are being called to do and build a foundation you can be proud of. Success is here and available to you in whatever you do. The work is to align yourself with the belief that you have the right to the abundance trying to make its way to you. Help it come faster by having faith in your purpose, and that all of your hard work is already paying off.

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