Energy Report – Week of 9/8

There is a massive shift being prepared for us this week that begins with the 9:9:9 portal on Monday. This portal is all about clearing any toxic or unhealthy energies that may have attached to us in the last 9 months as well as karmic cycles that will begin to be reversed once Saturn goes direct on the 18th. Saturn is the deliverer of Karma, and now that it is moving out of it’s retrograde we will receive all of our good karma from the 9 months, and those that have been moving in a malicious or deceitful manner will receive theirs as well.

The week starts off with the Moon in Capricorn adding more Earth to our skies bringing in productivity, and helping us make money moves in the areas we felt stagnant or unmotivated. The Full Moon in Pisces this weekend will be the full release of all of the emotional energy we’ve been charting from past friendships, lovers, and cycles that we no longer wish to carry into the end of this year. This mutable energy will bring with it many ups and downs, but it will ultimately help us to shapeshift and mold our future timelines as long as we work with clearing what it brings to the surface.

7 of Swords – As soon as I pulled this card the phrase, “don’t trip on anything you’ve left behind” was the first message I received. If you’ve been burned by someone you loved or trusted and still looking in the past, this is your time to let all of that go and move forward with greater clarity. There is so much more ahead than anything we leave behind. If anyone has wronged you in the past year, let Saturn handle them once he goes direct. Spirit sees all, and as long as you are moving in your highest form, that is all that matters. Let the universe do it’s job and pay your attention to the people that pay attention to you.

8 of Wands – Opportunities are pouring in! We will see more action and progress in our careers and personal projects and it will be our job to keep up with the momentum. We are growing past our fears, we are being paid for our gifts, and greater prosperity is shining down on us. We are receiving ideas and tapping into our creative selves again. Revisit a project you’ve been working on with fresh eyes. You will be amazed at all of the fire you have to light this week, and how much more energy you will have to bring this project to life.

Knight of Pentacles – We have the world at our fingertips. The knight in this card is seen holding the pentacle in his hand, representing how much of what we want is already available to us. All we have to do to receive anything in the physical realm, is to rebalance ourselves in the spiritual realm. Allow things to flow and if they are not in flow, walk away. You are the master creator of your world, make sure you are tuning into the energies around you to better decide if the path you are crossing is a bridge or a blockage.

5 of Pentacles (In Reverse) – Make sure you are helping yourself first. Sometimes when we see our friends or family struggling we can over exert our own energy trying to save them or help them through a tough time but if that person is not willing to save themselves, there is not much you can do. There is also a lot of resistance to help coming through. The universe gives us the people and places we need to move to the next stage of ourselves so don’t always get caught up in doing it on your own. The key is to balance the energy of receiving and giving help to others with this card in the reverse.

Queen of Cups – This card represents the ability to master and own our spirituality as we swim through some intense emotional waters this week leading up to the Full Moon in Pisces. Our hearts are opening and we will be receiving many prophetic messages in our dream state about what all of this energy is bringing to us individually. Allow yourself to be open to what the universe is letting you in on and release any unwarranted energy you have accrued over the past year with this moon. The heightened feminine energy in the sky is helping us to tap into our intuition and give ourselves the love we are looking to receive from the world. Cry if you need to. Journal through your triggers to better understand the reasons behind them. This is the mother of emotions after-all!

3 of Pentacles – Connect with your mentors or someone you value that can give you a glimpse into how to work through what you are currently experiencing. All of the pentacles energy showing up this week represents our opportunity to rebuild ourselves up and gain stability in our career and finances. Look out for the people that are being put on your path to help you forward. New paths are being created as old ones are being cleared. Surround yourself with those that are also elevating themselves, and find ways you can both help each other reach this next level.

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