Energy Report – Week of 9/1

The first week of September begins with the Sun aligning with Mars putting those action steps we’ve been taking all year into high gear, and giving us the opportunity to really push past our fears and get what we came for. September is a power month, and after the New Moon, many of us are ready to go after our projects and creative pursuits now that the summer of immense transformation is behind us. This is the time integrate all of the lessons of the summer, and leave the old you behind. There is no need to carry the past with us anymore. It is time to FULLY step into your power, and let the fear wash away.

The High Priestess – The High Priestess represents finding a balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies in our lives. She holds the knowledge and the keys to the truth. She also represents our leading lady Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, who bears all and is not afraid to go to battle for what she wants. You know the truth, you know who you are. You have everything you need to win this war.

The Ace of Wands (In Reverse) – When we get presented with the opportunity to put our ideas to action, our fears seem to creep right in to pull us back down to our comfort zones. Push past this. Feel the fear and do it anyway. List whatever worries are weighing you down, look them right in the eye, and know that you are bigger than any of these pretty little fears. You can and will overcome any obstacles in your way as long as you bring the fire within your soul and don’t hold back.

5 of Pentacles – Don’t be afraid to ask for help on your journey. Many of us are still releasing the past and working through our wounds, and Spirit is telling us we don’t have to do this alone. If you need assistance, ask and you shall receive. The road less traveled becomes easier when you have support around you bringing you higher and helping you tap into your gifts.

6 of Swords (In Reverse) – Let go of your resistance to the mysteries of life. We are all being ushered into our next phase of self, which can feel scary as these are waters we’ve never chartered before. But always remember, your higher self is leading you, and would never steer you wrong. Detach from any emotions that are overwhelming you, and float on. Life becomes much easier once you accept that you can’t always be in control. Allow the universe to serve as your guide at this time and ask for signs when you need them.

The Devil – Resist giving into the temptation of reliving or repeating a pattern you have already broken. You’ve done soul much work on your inner world, don’t let a test slip you up at this time. Bring light to any darkness you feel. If you reached rock bottom emotionally or financially in the past few months, know that this was necessary to show you what you still need to heal. It is only up from here if you use your lessons wisely.

3 of Wands (In Reverse) – If you’ve recently walked away from something or someone that didn’t serve you, left a job or moved somewhere new and are questioning if this was the right choice, give yourself sometime to allow things to play out. You made this decision for a reason, and even if you can’t see or feel that reason fully, don’t contract and allow fear of what’s to come next to take over. Stay in the power you felt when you made this decision, and know that we are always better off than whatever we left behind.

The Wheel of Fortune – We are finally coming full circle and many of you will feel the shift in your growth this week. Everything we’ve learned is starting to integrate into our beings, and we are moving into the end of one, and the beginning of a new cycle. You have everything we need to be victorious, use your knowledge and be ready to claim all that is coming.

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