Energy Report – Week of 8/25

This week we have the Virgo New Moon coming up on Friday (8/30), with a Virgo Stellium lining up in the sky where Virgo will really be the dominant energy pushing us forward at this time. Having the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Virgo is really just a time to purify and refresh everything in our lives. We’re ushering in a new golden period of divine alignment within our relationships, careers, home, health/wellness, and every aspect of who we are is being reborn in a new way. The Virgin Goddess the sign of Virgo represents is an integral part of claiming our independence and claiming our wholeness. Once we get to a place where we are feeling ourselves bring in this new chapter of our individuality, we start walking the talk of who we actually know we are to be in this time.

The Fool (In Reverse) is showing up from last week’s energy telling us we have arrived in our commitment to this new stage in our existence and we know that anything is possible at this time. Some of us are thinking of or ready to take big risks that may not seem logical and feeling restrained by the people around you that are limiting your dreams to travel, or find a new home somewhere far from the comfort of everything you know. Go within and feel what your soul is calling you to do. That is the only call you need to answer.

Nine of Pentacles (In Reverse) – Nine is a powerful number that represents a stage of completion in our pursuit of happiness in all of the major areas of our life. There is inspiration, abundance, and new heights in the air and it is up to us to create with this energy around us. It may feel uncomfortable and scary coming into your new self and knowing all of the changes ahead, but this card wants us to receive these changes with open arms. Allow the journey to unfold with less resistance and you will receive with greater ease.

Knight of Swords – Be bold and fierce in the action you are taking towards your dreams. This is the time to charge ahead with everything you know and feel in your heart to be true after learning all of the lessons this summer gave us. Be more determined than ever to lift yourself higher than anything or anyone trying to bring you down.

The Page and Queen of Wands – We are putting our ideas into action this week. We are owning the abundance we are ready to receive in our lives. We’ve grown significantly in a short amount of time, and this New Moon will represent the harvest. Stay focused on your vision, and release any worry and fear that may come up this week by journaling, meditating, and connecting to your inner goddess. The energy of new creation is high this week so get out there and make some magic!

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