Energy Report – Week of 8/18

The Three of Pentacles (In Reverse) is showing a dynamic involving any situation involving three people or more including a partnership or friendship. Some of those relationships may be feeling strained, because it’s in the reverse, it is not forward moving energy. Maybe take a look back and see if this is something you want to pursue or if there is a strain you have been feeling towards these people or the dynamic specifically. There is a feeling of looking at your own actions and possibly working on something for yourself, maybe you don’t need this help anymore. Maybe you don’t need to take these people with you on your journey any longer and have outgrown this space whether or not it is bringing you monetary value. Not all money is good money so if this is no longer in alignment with your path, you are being led to make that decision now. If it’s a partnership, internship, or job that’s not working in your favor. it might be time to rethink or assess as we move into Virgo Season.

The Moon tells us we are still healing from Cancer season, and that’s okay! We are too! And we will continue to work through this energy as we find the gold in the lessons we learned and begin to ground ourselves in alchemizing this energy for our greater good.

King of Pentacles (In Reverse) let us know we are being provided with opportunities galore but are being asked to not move forward yet for whatever reason. Assess, get the details together including paperwork, contracts or any binding agreements. Make sure it’s right and you feel good about it. Whatever you do, you want to feel in alignment with your work so you feel good about the abundance it provides. You can have all the riches, but what are you going to feel and do with it once you receive these riches?

Queen of Wands – There is a new burst of fire and opportunity in so many different ways. The sunflower always reminds me of life after death and breathing life into the things we have felt stagnant in. We have a whole new fresh opportunity to travel, and see and do whatever is in the fire within you. Whatever you feel has been calling you, she is here telling you that is exactly where you need to be.

Ace of Pentacles – we are receiving more opportunities to create long-term abundance and wealth. Be conscious of what you are investing in. Our financial security can seem up in the air with all the shifts we will start to see in financial systems as we move into 2020. Things may appear shiny but that doesn’t mean it’s always golden. Make sure you are investing wisely, and understanding the wealth you are being presented with.

The Fool – Some of us are going into things blindly and seeing where it goes for once. Amazing things can happen that way but we can also be blindsided by things we cannot see in that state of mind. A lot of inner child energy emerging again and being able to feel and do something unpredictable. There’s a lot of worth in acting from this place, whether or not it ends the way you want it to. You can always find the silver lining in wherever this brings you and don’t be afraid to go for it.

The Queen of Cups – (In Reverse) – We are still releasing but we are also learning how to master the release of these emotions. We are in the process of really understanding how to do the inner work and how to work and be patient with ourselves with everything that involves our emotional state of being. Emotions carry energy, and whether we face it now or later, you have to get a grip on mastering how to face our emotions or it will continue to effect you down the line. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it to do the hard work to feel that you are in control of your vibration, your life, your force and everything around you. That’s ultimately what we are all looking to feel. Like we are creating the life we want to see because we have the ability to control the mind. This week is bringing you closer to this inner peace.

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