8.8 – Lionsgate Portal Energy Report

The Lionsgate portal is here! One of my favorite energies of the year and this year feels extra special with the official launch of Artemis Rose. My vision for this all started coming together on 8.8 last year after manifesting my dream mentor/coach and finally committing to building a new life full of freedom, adventure, and living out my truth.

This year’s energy feels a breath of fresh air that can be felt deep in our hearts after an intense period of transformation during Cancer/Eclipse season. We’ve learned all the hard lessons, and many of us that are in-tune with the energy upgrades were feeling drained, anxious, tired, and emotionally exhausted for most of July. This gate is the light at the end of the tunnel. The tower moment is ending, everything that was meant to fall away, fell during Mercury Retrograde for a reason. The High Priestess tells us we had to go through these hardships to get to the wisdom. When you do the deep healing work, you learn to master every test with knowledge and fully embody both sides of your divine feminine/masculine energy. The Moon represents the deep emotions we sailed during Cancer season and the ending of the cycles that we may have not released we’re playing in the background working against us. Many of our deepest fears came true only to reveal that it’s time to heal these parts of ourselves so that we can move forward seeing life through the same lens.

The Lovers represents the karmic lessons, Twin Flame, Mother/Son, relationship dynamics that have been a central theme at this time. What has this relationship revealed to you about yourself? All of these relationship dynamics are giant mirrors that though may be painful, teach us the most about ourselves and what we deserve from others. As long as you chose yourself and seek higher in every situation that tests your spirit, you will continue to pass these tests and gain the wisdom that is there to learn. We are moving away from the betrayal, the deception, and the external pressure from family or friends that has been overwhelming us seen by the Seven of Swords & Wands. It’s time to move on from the hurt and leave the past behind. The world is waiting to receive you. Take advantage of how the stars are aligning for us at this time.

The rising of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, today gives a rebirth to our souls and a rise of awakening in our consciousness. The alignment of Venus and Jupiter are also here to shine, luck, abundance and love on our new beginnings. Affirm all of our truest desires by writing and reciting them out loud. Your soul is ready for this rise. Get ready for a new season of you!

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