Welcome to The Sisterhood.

If you’re reading this, I’m so grateful your soul led you here.

Artemis Rose has been what feels like a lifetime in the making. A rollercoaster of dead ends and redirections that all led me to my highest calling. I’m deeply honored to have been chosen to represent the revolution of the divine feminine energy in our world and stand committed to reminding us all of our freedom and shedding light on the truths of our womanhood. We are rising and will continue to rise above all of the past pain and trauma living still present in our lineages and our work here will heal the generations of our children, their children, and so on. It can and will end with us. We have the ability to overcome the stories that have historically lived on because we know better, and will settle for nothing less than all we came here to inherit. We are all queens worthy of our crowns and we are blessed to serve mother Gaia with grace and honor as our divine purpose. As we continue this journey to find all we are meant to do in this lifetime, i’m wishing you divine abundance, light, and love.


Sanasjia Clervoix

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